On the '90

In 1994 GEMELLI S.a.S. cooperated with SIDEA S.r.l. This Company was specialized in Active Noise Reduction (A.N.R.) technology, due to its relationship with the world leader in that technology, TECHNOFIRST (France). GEMELLI started the design and production of an Active Noise Reduction (A.N.R.) system for application on airplanes, helicopters and, generally speaking, on defense equipment.
In the same period an electronic device was patented: the Microphone Audio Noise Processor (M.A.N.P.). It detected and processed the ambient noise in order to keep the vocal communications clear. Another device was also developed, it permitted hand-free use of portable transmitters since the user’s voice itself activated the transmission.

In 1998 GEMELLI S.a.S. and Sidea S.r.l. merged to create GEMELLI S.r.l. The new target was to improve the financial and technical resources of each single Company in order to carry out a substantial growth. The result was a new product line of aircraft internal communication systems using A.N.R. (Active Noise Reduction) and M.A.N.P. (Microphone Active Noise Processing) technologies. It offered the most effective solution for any aircraft where clear communication was required in high noise ambient.
At the same time the WONDERCOM family of equipment started its life generating a complete range of products within personal protection and communication aircraft devices.

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