Gemelli at Paris Air Show 2015

The Paris Air Show is a window into the dynamic aerospace industry and gives us the chance to show our know-how.
Discover all the innovations which will be displayed by Gemelli at HALL1 H-E270

The new Gemelli product “the Wireless System”, as well as the Gemelli High Noise Protection Headset, will be present at Paris Air show2015 at HALL1 H-E270. 

Many guests will actively took part to the demo of the Wireless Communication System which is a real revolution in the communication systems both for on-ground and in-flight activities, with the essential advantage of clear, intelligible and WIRELESS communications.

The system, already used in several applications , is mostly suitable for on-ground communications during pre-flight checks and cargo activities checks, especially in noisy environments, and in-flight for applications such as the “Search and Rescue” (the winch operator is directly connected to the pilot ) or simply to increase the number of members of the existent network without installing cables or new panels .

These are only some examples of the benefits that the system can offer.

Come and visit us!!!

HALL1 H-E270

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