Modularity and growth:
o the system can be composed of
 up to 12 Digital Pilot Audio Unit (DPAU),
 up to 4 Digital Crew Station Unit (DCSU), o 1 Digital Central Control Unit (DCCU),
 The system allows:
o Non-blocking Digital Switching & Distribution;
o Binaural Audio (except Passengers and maintenance personnel);
o Back Up and Emergency modes;
o Internal or external warning and alarm management;
o High Reliability, Low Mean-Time-To Repair;
o Individual setup for Radio Port Configuration;
o Programmable Intercom Nets (the intercom nets/groups can be modified through the 1553B bus); o Compatible with Standard and ANR Headsets;
o Automatic Microphone Type Selection with configuration override and AGC;
o Automatic Headset Impedance Selection with configuration override;
o Adjustable VOX / HOTMIC on Internal Circuits;
o Sunlight Readable Operator Panels;
o Night Vision Goggle Compatible;
o Convection Cooled (no forced air required);
o Lightweight / Low Power Consumption;
o Multi-Level Secure, Simultaneous RED/BLACK operation;
o In-Line or Floating (i.e. Switched) Crypto Support;
o Modem Switching;
o Radio Relay, Cross-Band Relay (Voice, Text, Data, Secure and Non-Secure);
o Data Link and TTY Switching;
o Simultaneous Transmission among radios of the same security classification (RED or BLACK); o Wideband Audio.
The system is designed to meet the following Growth Options:
o IP Interface (User to define final requirements);
o Spatial Audio (3D);
o TEMPEST Qualified.

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