GEM-30 basic system composed by:

2 Digital Control Panel Pilot/Copilot   GEM-30-DCP-200-000
1 Digital Control Panel Crew/Cabin   GEM-30-DCP-300-000
1 Digital Communication Control Unit   GEM-30-DCCU-200-000
1 External File Storage Unit   GEM-30-EFSU-200-000

The proposed Intercommunication System is a modular system whose design philosophy has been implemented to allow maximum flexibility during system integration and ensure optimum performance and reliability during in -flight operations. in
The ICS system cap abilities allow the connection /interface of:
    a)  Up to 6 Digital C ontrol Panels (DCPs) (see Section 4.2 and 4.3);
    b)  1 Cabin Passenger Extension (CPE) unit through the analog audio portdf (see Section 4.5);
    c)  1 Cabin Audio Extension ( CAE) unit through the digital audio porte(asiee Section 4.6);
    d)  Up to 8 communication (RX/TX) channels;
    e)  1 PA channel;
    f)  Up to 8 navigation (NAVAIDs) channels;
    g)  Up to 6 direct audio sources (without volume adjustment capability) ;
    h)  Up to 2 fixed audio sources (under master volume control);
    i)  Up to 32 input discrete channels ;
    j)  Up to 24 output discrete channels ;
    k)  Up to 3 Voice Recorders (CVRs) .

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