Technical support

The most efficient Product Support activity is considered by the Official of the Company one of the main goals to be achieved every day by Gemelli personnel. This have created in the past our best way to maintain good relationship with the Customer and the end User. Therefore great effort are always dedicated to sustain that type of activity.
Our organization, together with the dedicated efforts of our people and an important stock of spare parts kept on shelves, allow Gemelli the capability of providing the product support response time performances shown on the right.
We believe that maintenance costs can have a significant impact on total program costs. Recognizing the importance of these costs factors, Gemelli is prepared to utilise commercially available programs that exist within our facility whenever possible to meet our mutual customers support requirement at lowest cost. Existing support programs that are transferable in whole or in part for our Customer programs could include:
Power by the hour
Fixed price overhaul
Fixed price exchange
Fixed price "Advance Shipment” exchange
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